Bar stools are very versatile and are often used in places such as kitchens.

There are several types of bar stools, so when decorating kitchens, it is worth to choose those that meet your expectations. You can use them even in the classic kitchen. It is important to know why you need bar stools and what type you need.  Whether we are looking for it in the kitchen, dining room or bar.


We choose the height of the bar stools according to the height of the countertop, the height of the seat should be about 30 cm lower than the kitchen counter.

To maintain the proportions of the kitchen table or typical kitchen chair, the height of the kick stand should be about 40cm lower than seat. We pay the most attention to the height of the bar stool when we have non-typical height of the kitchen counter (typical ~ 80-85cm). If we sit in the kitchen a lot and often use bar stools, very good solution will be to choose this with a backrest. When choosing a bar stool in terms of appearance, it would be worthwhile to either mix the rest of the kitchen design arrangements, or be a contrast.


If we often use the bar stools, we choose the material easy to maintain cleanliness.

To be able to sit comfortably on the hoker, we set it about 30cm from the countertop. Many bar stools are nowadays designed so that they are both comfortable and well emphasize the advantages of kitchen arrangement. However, it is worthwhile to be able to test the bar stool before making a purchase to make sure it is comfortable. It is also good if you sit on both a regular chair and a bar stool. You may find it much more comfortable to sit on a regular chair. Ordinary chairs will be better for traditionalists and people with health problems.