You are straight ahead choosing of your new kitchen? You should read it, before you choose

Let is imagine your dreamful kitchen, what do you see?

We design kitchens from 25 years. During this time we help hundreds of people to move their kitchen from dreams to the reality. We will meet your even most demanding expectations. We treat each kitchen in the individually way. This is the reason why you will get beautiful, enduring, functional kitchen, which will also fit in your preferred budget.

Challenges of people remodeling their kitchen…

What problems have people looking for bespoke kitchen?

The need for counselling and support in terms of: budget, practice, expectations, functionality. The fear of buying wrong items.

Many things look great in catalogue and in technical description, but if it comes to practice, they are just waste of money. Choosing wrong items, or buying seemingly durable items, we can unsatisfied ourselves in a very easy and quick way. In view of vide range of material and accessories, it is easy to choose things that don’t work well in practice, or are priced inadequately to the quality. We often don’t have time to see and compare hundreds of product, comparing it and buying them sight unseen. Well designed kitchen is a solid investment increasing the value of home, so it is important to work with professionals.

Difficult to develop and functionally design room.

According to the research, we choose kitchen every 15-20 years. It is important to choose right items and know what to choose among almost unlimited possibilities. It is easy to waste available room, then we will now have enough space on worktops to cook or in cabinets to store everything. If we  design our kitchen in a nonfunctional way, we will walk additional dozens of kilometers in our kitchen and overuse our spine wasting our health. If we design kitchen incorrect, then it would waste its potential and become a problem instead a beautiful and functional focal point of home. When you are ill you go to visit a doctor, when you have a kitchen to remodel, you also find professionals like us. We have designed almost seven hundred kitchens and know very well how to do it in a best possible way.

The fear of the selection of the wrong kitchen, visually unattractive and impeding the work in the kitchen.

If the kitchen looks unattractive, it is nothing but a waste of money and potential. The kitchen the heart of each home, it should reflect out taste about the look and functional. All of us want kitchen which will cause the “wow” effect, instead of kitchen full of lack and mistakes.

The difficulty in finding a designer providing an attractive design, functionality, saving money, advice and robustness

Everything want kitchen reflecting their lifestyle, taste and requirements. We desire to perform kitchens in the highest quality way avoiding amateur and nondurable solutions. No one want ugly and nonsolid kitchen. If we change our kitchen every 15-20 years, we want to make the best possible choose, so it is important to work with professionals.

Problems related to transportation and assembly of the kitchen according to the design

If you assemble your bespoke kitchen yourself or you delegate it to not specialized, you must be aware of possibility of damages or not fitting elements. Bespoke kitchen is designed specially to fit your room and each element must be assembled correct to fit in the room. It is important to have a technical knowledge or depute it to experts.

Why to choose us?

Do you desire the stylish and quality bespoke kitchen?

The cooperation with us means uncomprimising quality of the kitchen furniture and services. It means much more than empty slogan. Meeting and even exceeding your requirements is the most important to us and we will do it via providing you the bespoke kitchen. It will be whether stylish, or beautiful, enduring, timeless and what is the most important – it will be fully adjusted to your lifestyle and demands.

Wide offer and fully advice

We have the access to all leading manufactures whether household appliances, kitchen furniture and kitchen accessories. We also serve you with a professional advice in the field of composing each element of your dreamful kitchen, both in a price range and demanding quality.


Impressive kitchen design

Your new kitchen will get the character exactly as you wish. It will become a representative focal point of home created by experienced designer aligned with your requirements and lifestyle.

The reputable designer with 25 years of experience

25 years of experience in the field of kitchen design and hundreds of accomplishments thorough Europe.  All of these things blended with passion and technical knowledge and desire to make you happy result in the consistent, beautiful and functional final totality.

We turn each disadvantage of the kitchen into advantage

You will get the best possible version of your kitchen with us. We will prove that your kitchen could look unique, stylish, functional and outstanding and everything in already existing room. If you don’t have any idea for kitchen, we will make a full use of the room and design it in a way you haven’t thought before. Additionally it will be a fully functional and the time spent there will be a real pleasure.


Individual approach to you

We will spend every needed amount of time to perform your dreamful kitchen. If you look for somebody who treat each project individually and with the same diligence then it means that you are in right place. We treat each project enthusiastically and passionately regardless of its size. Each customer as unique for us and we always serve with the highest quality.

Your preferred style in the best performance

Thanks to 25 years of experience, we specialized in creating stylish bespoke kitchen. Regardless the design style you prefer, we can provide you whether contemporary, modern, classic, English, French, provence, or rustic kitchens. The kitchen for us does not end on kitchen furniture, but it is a consistent thing composed with ruminated decisions and correctly fitting each element. This is the reason why your new kitchen will make a huge impression on you, your friends and family. Since you are important for us.


To sum up…

Bespoke kitchens are multi-step process. It is easy to make a mistake at any stage. According to research and studies, we choose the kitchen every 15-20 years. It is a normal thing that we look for the best possible choice and professional advice. Any mistake could cost us a lot of wasted money, time and nerves. Many of our customers have had problems with remodeling their kitchen before they met us. We know from customer feedback how big was a difference between their old kitchen and the one we created.  We are professionals with perennial experience, passion and high technical knowledge so we are able to create a kitchen which will become a focal point of home. Our customers often told us that thanks to functional design everything is in hand, they have plenty workspace to cook, room to spend time with friends and family and to store everything in kitchen. Gathering with friends in kitchen, drinking a coffee or preparing meals will become a really pleasure. Kitchen is one those rooms, which if looks good, then the whole home appears stunningly.

Over the 25 years we move hundreds of beautiful kitchens from dreams to reality

We design kitchens from 25 years, over the years we almost eight hundreds of kitchens. Blending experience with technical knowledge, we are able you to perform your representative and functional kitchen.  You gain fully support and guarantee of the stylish bespoke kitchen, confirmed with certificates and recommendations. At every step we provide you full support both experienced kitchen designer, customer service and assembly team. Additionally if you want to do any changes in future, we will gladly perform every of them or just pleasurably and embracingly answer your questions. Everything because we create kitchens built to last.

We believe in the power of relationship

What is important, we treat each customer as a partner. We believe in an old fashion rule when it is something better to not discourage you from choose something, than you might be unhappy. Nowadays are almost unlimited choices in the field of designing your kitchen. Many materials have its alternatives in different quality and price range. So it is important to choose wisely or count on somebody with perennial technical knowledge. We know how to stylishly choose materials, colors, patterns and the total layout. Each customer is very important to us and we approach to every realization with the same diligence. With our help you don’t need to spend dozen weeks to choose everything and avoid mistakes. We know how to provide you the best, enduring, stylish kitchen in your preferred price range, which is built to last.

How do we work?

We design, accomplish, cooperate now and in the future again.

Cooperation with us is plain and easy. It consists of only 3 steps.

Step 1: We design kitchens remotely

Step 1 – We remotely design your kitchen basing on your measures of the room (we kindly offer our assistance with measuring your room. If you would have any problems with it, feel free to ask us – we are here only to your satisfaction).  We will exactly instruct you what information we need so it will be fast and simple. We will carefully make sure that your kitchen will look stylish, impressive and highlighting every features of your room.

Step 2: We assure you professional assembly and transport of the kitchen

We deliver and install kitchen (we operate countrywide in England). Our experienced team of assemblers guarantee you a fully conformity of the computer aided project with the final accomplishment fully adjusted to specify of your room.

Step 3: Cooperation in the future

Your kitchen will be designed by the designer with 25 years of experience. We will design in blending your conception with our technical knowledge and advices. We will spend each amount of time that will be needed and prepare any amount of project to make you satisfied. After the accomplishment of the project we believe that you will recommend us to your friends and family. Our greatest pride will be if you will use our services again in the future.

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