How to choose the ?


Kitchen floor:

The floor in the kitchen should be durable, easy to clean and fit into the kitchen cabinets, dining room and living room if it is the open kitchen.
The floor in the kitchen should fit both the kitchen and the whole apartment. First of all, the kitchen floor should be resistant to abrasion, easy to maintain cleanliness and durable. Popular choice is ceramic tiles, easy to keep clean, but cold, which is a downside for people who like to walk barefoot on the floor.
If we chose the underfloor heating, we often use polished gres. It will visually enlarge the room and is very visually attracted but relatively slippery.
Less ofted we use carpet flooring, it helps to relieve backbone during long hours in kitchen, however it is not resistant to temperature and damage. We can also use wood covered with a layer of lacquer. In the kitchen there is moisture and temperature changes, so the edges of the wood should be protected by special means. It is also good to choose hard wood such as oak, cherry or exotic wood.



Lighting can be place above cabinets, inside cabinets,or below upper cabinets, under the countertop and inside drawers. Planując oświetlenie bierz pod uwagę wygląd kuchni, safety i funkcjonalność. Ważne jest oświetlenie blatu, ponieważ często używamy tam ostrych narzędzi. Additionally it good to light up the celling and the top space if we eat in kitchen. Generally speaking, we use general lighting (most often ceiling light), table lighting (usually spotlights under or above cabinets), island and table lighting. Often the main lighting, which is a ceiling lamp is not enough, illuminate the work space such as countertops, stove, sink. In addition, you can also use optional extra lighting that gives the kitchen a sense of climate. For example, it could be the led lighting of furniture interiors at the glass cabinets.