How to choose the height and width of the kitchen worktop.


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Rarely happens that one standard corresponds to everybody … Even when we talk about bespoke kitchens. Kitchen countertops are a great example of this. Standard height is 80-85cm. For most, this will be the optimum choice, but for the part it will be too high and too low. It is therefore important to try out your height yourself, and ask the designer whether the work on the counter will be comfortable. For people over 180cm often it is already uncomfortable, causing spinal pain. If all household members are tall, recommended height is not standard 85cm and minimum 90cm or higher depending on your needs.


On the lower table, it is easier to perform activities that require strength and greater straightening of the hands, such as dough kneading.

On the higher top, it is better to install the sink and the hob, as it will be easier to get things done with these appliances. Importantly, we can apply several heights in one kitchen. Yes, the island may be higher than the others, but at the side of the side you must have the lower part to be able to eat at the side. To sum up, if you are over 180cm and you work a lot in the kitchen, a standard 85cm high table is probably not enough and you need something higher, minimum 90cm or more as you need.


We choose the width of the countertop so that we work comfortably.

Generally, if space allows, it is good to make a wider kitchen worktop, but remember that for the trouble free passage of two people there is need of 120cm distance between cabinets. The minimum for comfortable work is a 60cm deep worktop, which is standard, but if it is 80cm – it will work more comfortable. In addition, the standard kitchen worktop is 60cm wide and the upper kitchen cabinets are 35cm high. To work comfortably at the kitchen counter deep 60cm upper kitchen cabinets hang about 55-65cm from the top. At the deeper countertops we hang upper cabinets at the height of 75-80cm above the countertop.