Country style, how to combine the past with the present.

Kitchens rustic, rustic style, rustic furniture. Country style, or how to combine the past with the present.

If your current kitchen does not have a true personality, perhaps it is time for serious changes. If you want to be warm, pleasant, friendly and hospitable, country style (also known as countryside) can be a very good solution. It combines the past with the present, modern solutions with the traditional values of the kitchen. Thanks to rustic architectural features, often the country style creates a sense of nostalgia. Family ties, calm and uncomplicated life come to mind. However, the fact that you want a true sense of the past does not mean that you can not be tempted into modern comfort.

All country style kitchens are based on the same concept – connecting the old to the new.

Hence, they all have a similar philosophy, appearance, rules. However, there are some slightly different interpretations of this style. Make sure the one you choose is the one that suits you best.

Kitchens in English style, classic kitchens, French, American style. How to choose using country style.

  • English: English style depicts a typical European country style. However, it is more formal, it means using natural shadows and more modern ornaments.
  • French: charming and classic, but it has a lot of free space that gives it the impression of being bigger than reality.
  • American: similar to the two previously mentioned, but differentiated by more colors and patterns, which gives it a rustic mood.


If you plan to have country style kitchens, there are a few things that you will probably use.

The historical period itself is not as important as the place where the kitchen comes from – whether it is a typical countryside or a farm. We introduce the most popular features of the country look:
With regard to materials, the kitchen will be the most solid wood, wide floor boards on the floor. Hardwoods such as cedar or oak are often used, and the kitchen fronts are made from it. Instead of dark, you usually choose bright colors. To this charming additions from a bygone era. Make sure that the antique gadgets are both practical (like a retro lamp, but with all the features of a solid lamp).

Color mixing is also characteristic. Bright floor and walls, you can set with dark curtains or furniture.

It is also characteristic to combine patterns like a tablecloth in tartan and distinctive frames for old photos. In country style the best effect is the use of natural lighting.

Despite all these qualities of the past, remember that we are living today. Do not forget that the kitchen has all the comforts of the day, such as functional home appliances, often retro styled.