How to find the top and the material on the wall above the counter?


Always choose your top of the table based on your lifestyle. Take into account how often you will use the tabletop and whether you are going to do periodic maintenance of stone countertops (eg granite countertops are recommended at least once a year to mainteance). On single-colored and stripped patterns, the dirt is more visible and you need to clean more often. Countertops with too many patterns do not look good, when we combine it with other decorations and appliances in the kitchen it will create a mess. We warmly recommend worktops with delicate patterns. Standard depth of the worktop 60 cm. Table tops can be made to a depth of 120cm. Wood and stone countertops are cut to the desired size from larger plates. Each worktop should be durable, resistant to temperature, humidity, mechanical damage. For this it plays a huge role in the appearance of the kitchen.

Types of countertops:

  • Countertops made of particleboard and laminate:
    The most popular, and cheapest option. It can imitate wood, stone or be unicolour. It is durable, resistant to abrasion and discoloration.
    The problem may be joining the edges, as it is often impossible to make the entire top of a single piece.
  • Natural stone countertop:
    The most popular are marble and granite countertops. Granite works better due to less absorbency and higher hardness. Stone countertops are several times more expensive than laminate countertops, but they are extremely durable.
  • Wood countertops:
    They can be made of domestic wood (eg pine, oak, ash) or exotic (eg mahogany). The wood is warm to the touch, however, with relatively little scratch resistance. Every now and then the tabletop should be refilled with paper. Price depends on the wood used.
  • Composite countertops:
    Lighter, warmer to the touch, resistant to temperature and scratches than natural stone countertops. We combine them seamlessly, resulting in a smooth and uniform surface, and at the same time tight, which does not get into it. Mostly they are made of corian or staron. The big plus is that we can use the same material on the wall and countertop, and even the sink, avoiding visible joints.

Material on the wall above the table top:

The most popular materials are: glass, tiles, paint, decorative concrete, brick, stone, wood. Glass is easy to keep clean. In addition, it gives you great possibilities of arrangement, as it can be with graphics or one color. Stone is the most expensive option, we can apply here travertine, marble, granite. Most often we choose materials for the preferred look of the kitchen and budget.