Altough we have specialized in kitchen design, we also offer interior design services…

Our interior design services…

•residential interiors

– Bathroom

– Kitchen

– Living room

– Bedroom

•commercial interiors

– restaurants, cafés, pastry shops

– hotels

– offices

– pubs

What we offer:

What you gain:


Functional Project

• Development of 2 layouts of interior in the 2d form

• Design of the system of walls, ceilings, floors, layout of electrical points



•Inventory (the local vision of the rooms with the completion of the documentation received from the client, measuring the room and the photographic documentation)

•Upon acceptance of the functional layout, the preparation of visualisation with colour proposals, 2 visualisations per room + a 3D projection of the whole, or the selected room

Executive Project


•Preparation of the executive documentation (projections + sections)

•Selection, inventory, possible completion of pieces of equipment

•Development of the cost estimate

•Optional – construction supervision

1. Services of designer with 25 years of experience

25 years of experience in interior design, hundreds of trainings and 600 customers. All of this at your disposal. You get advice, support, at every stage of design and construction of interiors. We propose solutions or design aligned to your concept.

2. The best selected offer adjusted to your needs

Wide assortment and the knowledge of the industry. We collect and supply elements of the project or advise how to choose and where to get the best range of quality and price. Everything to save your time and money.

3. Why us?

You recognize what solutions, materials and furniture give the best effect. What colors and textures make the space feel pleasant, comfortable. You avoid mistakes and wasting your money for potential repairs.



Bespoke kitchen furniture in England,