Led lighting placed below the countertop directs attention to the kitchen worktop.

If you do not have Led backlighting under the top cabinets, you do not know what you’re missing until you mount it … Sure, the kitchen or bathroom without lighting led under the cabinets can still look great and functional, but this small detail can have a huge impact on The whole look and mood of the room.


Led lighting for the kitchen works well over the counter illuminating the work space.

In addition, LED lighting can be used to emphasize kitchen glass to any size or any part of the kitchen, especially modern kitchen, depending on how we want to use the lighting to build the atmosphere.


On the market there is a huge selection of LED lighting, warmer and colder colors, various shapes of lighting.

It is also a good choice to place the lighting over the sink (if it is not located by the window), it will be useful both in the practical washing of the dishes and in creating the atmosphere of the kitchen. If the color of furniture is dark, you can give a decorative LED strip to illuminate even a well lit room. This will help to give the atmosphere despite its less practical value. When the main part of the kitchen is a pane of patterned pattern, a led strip along it helps highlight the pattern, color, or element of the glass.