Secrets of Japanese-inspired minimalist cuisine.

For years in the kitchen were more important functional aspects rather than visual ones. Over the years, the design has focused on the functionality and gradual simplification of the kitchen, which in time has led us to a minimalist style. In spite of this, Japan has always been a place where great emphasis has been placed on minimalism. If you want to set up a minimalist kitchen, you might want to go for some tips from Japan.


Often in the Japanese kitchen are also joined wooden scandinavian elements.

Japanese style uses huge amounts of wood. It is the use of wood that is the key. The wood is used to maintain balance after getting rid of all unnecessary items from the kitchen. Thanks to the use of wooden kitchens, wooden fronts, wood elements to the kitchen, everything remains warm and cozy.


If you want the Japanese style to be more modern, you can use a white and gray color palette.

White as the color of color and the palette of grays as a neutral color.
A cheerful and relaxing mood in the kitchen you can use by using natural elements. Besides wood, they can be plants, for example. If you are strongly inspired by Japan, you can create a small zen space surrounded by glass.

You can get an industrial and Japanese blend by using cemented elements in the kitchen. To keep the kitchen cool, you can keep a warm, cozy look, with accessories.

To make the kitchen look like an open space, use white as the main color.

What is important is that if you are interested in Japanese-style wooden kitchen, besides wooden kitchen furniture, you will also use wooden elements on the wall and the floor. Otherwise, instead of a modern look, you will get a rustic style.